A Bad Case of the XPox: XP Interaction 2012 A Success!

The friendship never ends at the H3 Xavier-Poveda Interaction: XPox 360!

“Op, op, op, oppa Gangnam Style!” are the lines that will surely be ringing in the heads of many of the Xaverians and Povedans who left the gymnasium of Saint Pedro Poveda College last Saturday, November 10, as they were exhausted from a long day to top it all off with a flash mob.

The day began with Xavier’s very own Fr. Art Borja, SJ who presided over the thanksgiving celebration in the morning. He greeted the crowd by inviting everyone to break the awkward barriers by having a short activity which allowed the community to wave at each other, and he also stressed on the importance of the interaction for the growth of the individuals. “Who knows, maybe one of you could become a mayor one day,” Fr. Art teased one of the students in the crowd. No mass could be complete without the singing of the joint choir of Poveda and Xavier who shared their angelic voices to everyone.

Father Art Borja, SJ talking to the students of Xavier and Poveda of the importance of the interaction for the development of the person.

As the day went on, several activities took place. Who could ever forget the jokes told and the energizers of the Facis and Core Group to get the crowd prepared for the classroom activities handled by the wonderful facilitators, and later the great amazing race which was helped prepared by the previous Core Group of the Xavier-Poveda Interaction Committee. Guests like Captain America (Daniel Ng) and Iron Man (Jaime Young) even made a guest appearance!

The activities were ones that built friendship amongst the students which was the title of the interaction, “XPox 360: Friendship Never Ends”. As the whole day was spent by the Xaverians and Povedans solving many different game challenges as they went on the different levels of the game, they all eventually started from level one being complete and total strangers and slowly working their way to the level of friends (forever).

Just as the game was about to end, several bands, Dance X, Enciende, and Poveda Hardcourt surprised everyone with their astonishing performances, and finally, the Core Group started to dance the famous “Gangnam Style” as they started pulling members from the crowd to join in the dance. Eventually, the whole room was filled with excitement as the Xaverians and Povedans were all together laughing like they never have before while doing the Gangnam Style – truly a memorable event.

Performers of the XP Program

Though the XPox 360 game isn’t really “Game Over” the next challenge would be staying in touch with the new friends gained after a day filled with excitement and happiness.

XPox 360 will always be a highlight looking back a few years from now, and there’s no need to be sad that it’s all over. The “XPox” disease of being nostalgic is a temporary condition, and everyone should be happy as so many new memories were made, and friendships that were built as well.  As one of the Xaverians tweeted: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

The organizers of the Xavier-Poveda Interaction









[Images Courtesy of Chelsea Aguirre, H3 Povedan]


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