The Sembreak Theory

After the heat of Hell week and the pressure of semestral tests, the Xaverian semestral break is that first, cool, refreshing sip of iced tea. It feels as if a boulder has been lifted from your chest, and you’re allowed to breathe again for the first time in months.

Personally, I think sem break is the prefect break for students, better than both summer break and Christmas break, and from now on, I will christen this observation as the Sembreak Theory (creative, huh?). The Sembreak Theory states that the Xaverian semestral break is bestest-best break because it gives ample time to relax, without getting long enough to be dragging.

Every single student will probably agree that there comes a time, during summer that the break gets boring and that they start missing school, and every single student, when asked about it, will deny that it gets boring. I guess this is because it’s hard for us, after so much complaints, to admit that school does have some perks, like seeing your friends every day. Besides, bumming around in your bed, only to occasionally reach for the remote, or check the fridge to eat out of boredom, does get a bit dragging after the first month and a half, when you start itching for something to do. This is where the Sembreak Theory comes in. Set at 10 days(although a bit more would be just perfect), it gives a student enough respite for him to power down, without being long enough that it becomes dragging. So, I guess it’s good that the sem break wasn’t too long(if asked about this, I will deny it, tooth and nail.)

As an IB student, the Christmas won’t exactly be a break for me, simply because a lot of my requirements are meant to be done during the aforementioned break, while the semestral break held little or no challenges for me. Besides, you can’t call it a restful break if it isn’t a break in the first place, right?

Given the scientific and unquestionable evidence from a single, maybe slightly delusional, student’s opinion, it is undeniable that the semestral break is a Xaverian’s perfect break because, as Goldilocks says: “It’s just right”.

So, there. That’s the Sembreak Theory. Call it what you want, but it will remain one of the unspoken tenets of every Xaverian, and a heartfelt gospel for every student.


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