Remembering Fr. Ismael Zuloaga

Fr. Zuloaga is recognized as “The Builder of Xavier School and The Father of Xaverians.” The Xavier community is deeply moved by his outstanding efforts, as well as his passion for serving during his priestly ministry. We  remember his warm, fervent and earnest love for serving the community and self-sacrificing devotion as a pillar of Xavier School. Everything he bequeathed to us is the fruition of his achievements and serves as an inspiration to all of us.

Fr. Zulo, as he is affectionately called by students, faculty, as well as his co-Jesuits, had brought about great changes in Xavier School. His modest, assiduous and daring character enabled him to pursue great accomplishments throughout his life. His firm and sincere belief that no student “shall be otherwise deprived of a Xavier education for financial reasons alone” serves as a landmark for Xavier School to continue its advocacy to make quality education possible for the less fortunate.

Throughout his service as the director of Xavier School, Fr. Zuloaga had the noble outlook to make great improvements for the school. His whole-hearted devotion serves as a powerful driving force that inspires us to continue his legacy. Undoubtedly, Fr. Zuloaga lived out to the highest degree what it is to be a ‘man for others’.

Image taken from the Fr. Zulu Facebook fanpage!


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