Xavier’s Got Talent Season 1 Launch a Success, Leaves Audience Wanting for More

The first ever season of Xavier’s Got Talent was successfully launched today, November 22, 2012 at the High School Tennis Court featuring talents from both the Middle School and the High School. The first day of auditions garnered a large crowd of students along with a good number of teachers cheering for their favorites and they were left excited for day 2 of the auditions on Monday, November 26, 2012.

The Utak Committee under the Blue and Gold committee of the HS Student Council organized this event with the hopes of bringing out the undiscovered talents of different students.

The first day of the two-day auditions was a success. Different groups from the middle school and high school showed their prowess in different acts ranging from bands performing original songs to students playing with musical instruments such as the saxophone.The day was ended by a special guest teacher-student collaborative performance consisting of Mr. San Gabriel and Ms. Pepito together with their students of Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts”.

How does XGT work?

Similar to other talent shows, the Xavier’s Got Talent (or dubbed as XGT) has three rounds. The first round is the auditions where the judges will pick the best to play in the finals. After participants get through the screening, they reach the finals wherein a teacher mentor will be assigned to each group. These teacher mentors will help their respective groups improve and hopefully, win it all until the end. The selected performers from the list of finalists will be chosen by the Christmas Committee to perform on the Christmas Program. The winner of XGT will be announced during the Christmas program and will be having a special debut performance of their winning song in the said program.

“The Xavier’s Got Talent shows a lot of promise. You guys have to wait for the second day. There’s a lot more to see. The performers for the first year are so varied that even I find it hard to see who’s gonna win. It’s truly something to watch,” said Project Head, Aaron Jevon Dy of H4H.

Well you’ve heard it here, the Xavier’s Got Talent’s second day of auditions will be on this coming Monday, the 26th of November 2012 featuring more bands, duos, and even emerging High School boy bands. Don’t miss out!

First Day of Auditions (November 22, 2012)

High School Performers 

Daniel Paul Cheng Uy – Saxophone Solo

Taking Forever (Karl Kopio and Paolo Buted) – Band

Lorenzo Arceo and John Ledesma – Duo

Kreme Soda (Roberto Orosa, Austin Chua, Lan de Lara, Eduardo Isaac Mitra) – Band

The Friday Project (Jorge Tesoro, Nik Lim, Christian Ching, Hans Cochangco) – Band

Middle School Performers

Jack Yanzon – Solo Dance

Ryvo Reyes – Solo

The One Dollar Band (Rylle Tee, Jose Lista, Eduardo Vergel De Dios) – Band

Justin Canonizado – Solo

And Watch Out for these performers on the second day!

Second Day of Auditions (November 26, 2012) (Pending)

High School Performers

57 Pixels (Angelo Uy) – Solo

XianVMonster (Kevin Choa and Christian Chua) – Duet

Your 911 (Miguel Domingo, Patrick Ditan, Christian Ng, Brennan Ng) – Band

Dabby Tan, CJ Ner, Che Co, Changgi Hong – Band

Clyde Sezil (Ralph Zeddrikk Chua) – Solo

Say It Real Fast ft. Kitch (Marc Matsubara, Matthew Sia, Keith Tiu, Jeremie Go) – Band

Vince Soliven – Solo

Spotlight (Ryan Te, Geoffrey Que, Matthew Cabalinan, Edsel Uy, Patrick Syquiatco, Jarvi Celeres) – Boy Band

Middle School Performers

Jeric Barraza – Solo

The Forte Musicale (Lance Sy Lato, Jacob Tanco, John Chua, Lance Sobremonte) – Band

In Between Days (Enrico Go, Raphael De Ocampo, Raymond Justin Gabaldon, Marco Elbinas) – Band

Leeam Cheng – Solo

Kyle Salvador and Lorenzo Corre – Band

Article by Aaron Jevon Dy (H4H) and Kenneth Hungchiuming (H4B)



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