Senior Year: We’ve Come A Long Way Since That Day

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Let me start this off with a joke. First of all, do you know why we’re called “seniors”? Well, just like old people, we forgot everything we’ve been told over the past 12 years. It’s true!

It’s been a good four years within the walls of Xavier School and four years is a long time to stay in one place. I’ve been through lots of ups and downs, but I’m glad to say that I’ve learned a lot through these events. After four painful years, we’ve finally arrived! I’m proud to be a part of the graduating batch of 2013.

“We’ve come a long way since that day, and we will never look back at the faded silhouettes.”

High school is a long and thrilling ride, and with great company, who’s not to enjoy it? When I first started, I wasn’t so sure that it was going to be as fun as it turned out to be, but over time it grew on me. By senior year I finally decided that I was actually starting to have a very good time in high school.

It’s the last stretch of the year and sooner or later, it will all be over. All the stress spent on school work will definitely be worth it when we are up on stage. Although graduation may seem to come sooner than ever, it is but a great distance away. There will definitely be more long nights spent on studying for exams, and there will be even more days spent pondering on last night’s blurry debauchery. Are you ready? You have to be. Senior year is the best year so far. Everyday presents a new challenge.

I’ve been very blessed to be part of such an exceptional class. D-Town takes learning in class to a whole new level. I have to admit; I’m going to miss seeing my crazy and amazing friends everyday. Everyday is bananas. The friendship I shared with the people here knows no boundaries. You know who you are. Getting by high school with this bunch definitely made things easier for me. All the shared memories, laughter and banter, I will never forget. Of course, fun is not only limited inside the classrooms; this city is our big playground. Weekends are nothing short of amazing. A night out in Manila is always memorable. Probably the thought of seeing your faces and hearing your laughter is the reason why I wake up in the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. and sit in the car while waiting for traffic just to reach school to attend monotonous lectures in class. I’m sure that we all share this feeling that only varies because we share them with different sets of friends.

However, it’s not all about fun in high school. Learning is a vital approach in the development of our lives. For instance, when we find difficulty in our subjects and fail some of them, we learn how to get back up! That’s what senior year is all about: growing up. Four years is enough time to make mistakes, and that’s what I realized by the end of my high school journey. High school is all about being young. This is the time when we make mistakes, make more mistakes, and eventually learn from them in the end.  Through fights and disagreements, our bond as classmates have grown stronger into friends. And that’s what our batch is doing right now. And that’s what makes us great. We the best! I just hope that we have more shared experiences and memories so that we can become closer with each other.

As one door closes, a million more opens. By now, most, if not all seniors, are preparing for college and their future careers. Sadly, I am not one of them. I like to keep it spontaneous, the way high school was for me: one minute you’re here, the next you’re elsewhere. I learned how to catch the drift and to just go with it. I’ll probably end up being a DJ. Who knows, really? Jokes aside, I’m pretty much excited to go to college, but I’m not so sure which school to go yet. I guess, I’ll just go wherever life takes me. “PETIKS” is the word of the year.

It seems as if we really can’t wait to get out of high school, doesn’t it? But as much as we are excited to go to college to start anew, the decisions we make right now will make or break us. We can’t just throw all our hard work away just because we are almost near the finish line. Just like runners in a marathon, we have to give one last push to make it there.

Now that we have finally reached the end of the road, I guess doing things for the last time makes everything more emotional. For instance, the school bell’s ringing for the very last time to signal the start of summer and the end of high school life will definitely be a defining moment. I can’t wait to hear that final ring though, I really can’t wait! But before that time comes, I’m going to enjoy the company of my greatest friends for the remaining half of the school year. My greatest friends are the people who have shaped my life. I do not know where I would be without them. I do not want to know. So before I leave, I’d like to say thank you. We’re going to have the best of times because in the end, all you really have are the memories. Let the good times roll! YOLO!

Let’s close the last chapter of one of the toughest yet most amazing time of our lives with a bang! See you all on graduation. See you also in Boracay. Let’s go SENIORS!

“We are the newborn, the world knew all about us, we are the future and we’re here to stay!”

DJ Provocs aka AJ of D-Town ’12-’13


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