The Xavier Fortune Cookies: Something New to Try

Xavier Fortune Cookies

Xavier Designer Fortune Cookies? Sounds a bit too unlikely.

Just recently, Xavier School launched a fundraising project for a drive entitled “The Zulo Scholarship Drive”. The drive aims to raise funds for the scholars in Xavier Nuvali to fulfill Fr. Ismael Zuloaga’s dream before he passed away: to share the gift of a Xavier Education with more students, specifically those in Xavier Nuvali.

The fortune cookies were specially concocted by Chef Reggie Aspiras. Each box contains four different flavors: mocha, vanilla, green tea, and strawberries and cream. These may look like any other ordinary box of fortune cookies, but the truth is that each cookie has a unique feel to it, and that every piece benefits everyone. When you eat or buy one, not only do you get the taste and fortune from the cookie, but you also get a blessing since your purchase actually helped fulfill Fr. Zulo’s dream. To add to this, each box also automatically enters you into a raffle where you could win prizes like iPads, iPhones, and more – all for only P100 a box.

In my opinion, the new Xavier Designer Fortune Cookies are something that we should all definitely try, just because the benefits we get from purchasing a single box are so much!


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