Xavier Students Show Sportsmanship In Programming Competition


Sportsmanship was shown by Xavier students as they competed in the Code Challenge Cup, a rigorous computer programming competition that was held at the Xavier School Multi-Purpose Hall last Friday, November 30, 2012 from 1pm to 9pm.

Team Treslas, composed of Bryan Giger, Peter Onglao, and Daniel Uy, showed sportsmanship and honesty as they immediately reported to the judges that they were mistakenly accredited full points for an unsuccessful run.

They were applauded for this in an e-mail sent for public release by Developers Connect, or DevCon, the host of this prestigious competition. “We hope that more people will be encouraged and inspired with their example,” said DevCon in their e-mail.

The Code Challenge Cup, or C-Cup, is a programming competition where each team was given a set of 10 problems to solve within 6 hours. The competitors were allowed to use the programming language of their preference to solve these problems, as long as it was either C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, or VB.NET. 1,500 points would be given for each successful run and -300 would given for each unsuccessful run.

Many of the problems given during the contest showed programming’s importance in the real world, as it could play a crucial role in governance, geodesy and cartography, business, and even in taking down basketball statistics.

Besides Team Treslas, two other teams represented Xavier School. One was Team Shylock’s Defense, which was composed of Deondre Ng, Christian Go, and Elijah Mojares. The other was Team Squad, which was composed of King Alandy Dy and Sherwin Lu.

Even without the mistaken accreditation of points, Team Treslas managed to notch second runner-up, tying with Team DDR from Ateneo de Manila High School. Team Progxercise from Ateneo de Manila High School emerged as champions of the High School division, winning a grand prize of P3,000 and a trophy. Team PSHS-MC Kiddies from Philippine Science High School, meanwhile, took first runner-up.

Photo taken by Mr. Martin Gomez


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