Xaverian Thoughts: On Pacquiao vs Marquez

With the astonishing knock-out of Pacquiao by Marquez, the blogosphere and social media has been buzzing with posts regarding the fight, some, with posts like: “Time to rest Manny.. Simple physics.. What goes up must come down. Should’ve stopped when you’re on top.” or “we should give Marquez his due now.”

manny again

Taking a look at the knock-out for the fist time, it seemed astonishing:

Manny Pacquai Falls

For the past few years, Manny Pacquaio has always been this star somewhere up there that Filipinos look up to as their idol, as an example, and as hope.

However, with this shocking event, people ask: Will the love for him still be there? What are lessons to learn from this fight?

Answering these questions may still be quite premature, but some things are certain. The Filipino will not shun Manny away. Yes, his stands on different issues may be quite different for many people, his ideas may sometimes be novel, but the Filipino is not someone who leaves friends, not someone who’ll be with you only through the good times. The Filipino will always be behind your back whatever happens.

The Filipino will  be there for you through it all.

Lessons to learn?

Well, maybe, it is time for Manny to look at what he’s done, what he’ll be doing, and what he is doing. Failure is human truth. As the person I quoted from above said, it’s simple physics, what goes up must come down, and sometimes, it is in failure and the humility that comes with it, that defines a person, and ultimately, leads us all to discover and rediscover, ourselves, our fellow Filipinos, and the world at large.

Altogether, Winston Churchill puts it perfectly: “Success is not final, failure not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Let’s go on.

Image taken from Manny Pacquiao Facebook Page.


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