ChristmaXS: A Xaverian Mindset

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It’s not about the gifts. Look closer. Dig deeper. It’s the chance for families and friends to get together, be kind to one another, and simply put, to love each other. Oh wait, you’ve heard that one already? Let’s take a look at it from another mindset then – the Xaverian mindset.

Christmas is an annual event where everything else seems to revolve around it. As Xaverians, it seems to have become a form of milestone that we look forward to every year so as to evaluate the year that has just passed and reflect on the changes that has happened in our lives. For some, it may act as an event that enables us to think deeply about the year that has just passed, but for others, it may be the ‘Christmas Break’ that comes with the event. The break that comes with the package gives us Xaverians a chance to put our minds to rest and get away from our studies for a bit. It gives us the opportunity to spend time with the people we enjoy being with. Maybe this is the reason why some Xaverians look forward to Christmas Day, but I believe that as Xaverians, we have the ability to reflect on the event a lot deeper to be able to find the true reason why there even is a day called “Christmas.”

There are a lot of factors that can hinder us from being able to find the main reason why there even is an event called “Christmas”, such as the break that comes with it and others as I mentioned earlier. I don’t mean to sound cliché or anything, but the real reason why there even is an event called “Christmas” is Jesus.

As you probably already know, most of us already have that understanding where Christmas is actually a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. It has been stapled to our minds by our parents ever since we were young so that we can appreciate the event better. Even though we have this understanding about Christmas, we may still have missed a spot. By being born to save us from our troubles, Jesus was actually the one who gave us the opportunity to be able to relax, have a ‘Christmas Break’, spend time with our loved ones, and all of those other great privileges that come with the event.

It’s not about the gifts. It’s about the opportunity handed to us by Jesus himself to be able to love more – our essential duty as a son, friend, brother, human being, and a Xaverian.

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