VoYC Portrays a Brand New Perspective for the Annual Variety Show


In the past weeks, the Voice of the Youth Concert Committee (VoYCC), Xavier School’s very own student-run organization specializing in concert production, has been filling the airwaves and reaching out to students with short and simple videos and teasers. All of these depict everyday unfortunate scenarios that would cause someone to be down in the dumps or just be plain negative. However, it never ends there – for one thing these videos have in common is that they portray a crucial message: “Shift Happens.”

For about half a decade, VoYCC would hold the annual variety show together with promoting a significant advocacy. Some of these advocacies include Education, Youth Empowerment, and Care for the Environment. However, for this year’s variety show, the committee wanted to try a different approach in upholding its prestigious and unique title as the Voice of the Youth Concert Committee.

Luis Gan, the VoYCC 2013 Committee Head mentions that, “For this year, we wanted to promote a sense positivity for the youth. On Twitter and Facebook, you’d often find people grumbling, criticizing, or simply posting negative statements. These create an aura of pessimism, a culture of complaint, if you will.”


Concluding message of the videos released by VoYC.

“Furthermore”, according to Luis, “we also want to deliver the message that they should celebrate, love and appreciate life. It’s full of light. Take off your shades and embrace the brilliance.”

Just today, VoYCC released its official poster for this year’s variety show. The 2013 Xavier School Voice of the Youth Concert is entitled “SHIFT”. The concert will feature performances by Sponge Cola, Callalily, and Gloc-9. Catch dance troupes such as Dance X, ICA DT, Terpsichore, Enciende, and Freshflow showcase their dancing prowess on stage. Watch out for the hottest fashion show of the year has to offer and be mesmerized by the homegrown Singing Ensemble.

SHIFT will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2013 from 4PM-11PM at the Xavier School Quadrangle. Tickets are priced at Php 300 and will be available for purchase starting Monday, January 28, 2013. For inquiries, contact Mike Cuepo at 09175995254 or Luis Gan at 09175977860.


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