The Editors

The Editorial Board is the planning, guiding, steering, supervising, and evaluating board of Stallion. The Editor-in-Chiof is selected through an intensive panel interview and a series of tests, whereas the editors are appointed after the review of their submission of their best works, as well as answers to interview questions. Below is the Editorial Board for School Year 2012-2013.

Patrick Sheldon Wee

Kenneth Hungchiuming
Overall Associate Editor

Juan Inocencio
Associate Editor for English

Alexander Wang, Jr.
Assistant to the Associate Editor for English


Richmoune Sy
Associate Editor for Filipino



Antonio Tan
Associate Editor for Chinese

Jameson Ho
News Editor

Alfonso Panis
Features Editor

Miguel Macale
Assistant to the Features Editor

Raymond Lao
Literary Editor

Gian Go
Sports Editor

Deondre Ng
Managing Editor

Justin Lam
Membership, Human Resource and Training Manager

Jefferson Hou
Special Events Manager

Erwin Chua
Print Graphic Design Manager




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